Come A Little Closer, My Ultralock!

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One week today and it’s Christmas Eve!!! I’m getting excited. The tree is up and we keep finding decorations to place around. I’m sure that there is a bin of decorations missing as we can’t find the Christmas hats and tomorrow is wear a Christmas hat day for the kids at their school. Thank goodness for 24 hour shops to quick up an inexpensive one (or two). Likely would have needed to buy new ones anyway as little heads have gotten bigger.

Shopping is 95% done and wrapped. We’ll need to review the Christmas list tomorrow and go get those last minute items that I know what they are but just haven’t had the opportunity to stop and pick up yet.

I purchased myself a wonderful gift Sunday night. It is a lovely Singer Ultralock.

I don’t have serger experience but since the price was right (thank you, Kijiji!!) and with my many clothes making and other sewing projects I’ve been doing lately I decided to go for it. So, I picked her up and am watching You Tube videos to figure out tips, tricks and am creating a list project ideas to try in the new year. I’m currently watching one that discusses how to sew a quilt on a serger. Interesting!! Would love to hear your experiences with a serger and the different projects you’ve tried out.

Merry Christmas to me ;)

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  1. Oooooo you're going to LOVE serging once you get the hang of it, it's going to take time and trial and error, and sometimes it will frustrate you when you thought you had it totally down, BUT you'll love knits and your beautiful finished no ravel hems!! There are lots of good resources out there, and many bloggers have that exact machine which helps. Make It Handmade did a great series on sergers,

    I've got a few posts on serger projects, part of my battle in learning it was figuring out where to use it when the pattern wasn't written for one.

    There are some good books out their too.

    Good luck, have fun, and stick with it!

  2. Thanks for the great resource links. I have a feeling it's going to be a guilty pleasure for sure. A great excuse to catch up on all the material and patterns I purchased for the kids summer clothes after Christmas ;)

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