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My mother-in-law and I have started an annual tradition of going to the fabric store a few days after Christmas to stock up on holiday fabrics while it is all on clearance.

This year I decided that I am going to make Christmas table runners for the female relatives for next Christmas. I have a whole year to work on them and I would like to plan to complete them while I’m still in the Christmas spirit and while there is snow on the ground.

My first purchase was for eight Christmas gifts (see picture on left, below). Then my mother-in-law reminded me of three others who would appreciate the gifts so I went back and, in total, I was able to get fabric to make ten gifts for next Christmas at 60%-75% off  (see picture on right, below for the second cutting trip)! Well, technically nine gifts since one of the projects is for me to keep. I do not think it is reasonable to fondle and agonize over purchase yards of fabric for several hours and not get one for myself.

Do you have your 2013 Christmas gifts purchased or thought of yet? Did you get fantastic Boxing Day deals? Do share!!

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