Christmas Beast Progress and Quilt Frame Update

I am “THIS” close to finishing the quilt. I’ve technically completed the top but have decided to redo the original, first border.

Here is the original border that I am stitch ripping. It was a good idea but as a new user to a frame and with free motion quilting it wasn’t the best choice of design, I think.

I did the border on the first quilt frame I purchased. It was good but definitely for a beginner who wants to determine if quilting and a machine frame are for them. Here it is set up in my sewing room. I needed to supply my own tables so with ten feet of width I had a large desk plus a kitchen table to support it. It took up a huge amount of space in my wee sewing room.

After a few months I eventually found a fantastic deal on a Little Gracie II frame on Kijiji and purchased that, selling the first quilt frame. I don’t a photo handy of my set up right now but I’ll get one up soon. For now, here is one I found that showcases it’s loveliness. I love how it is all-in-one table and frame. I have my Kenmore on it presently and it works great but I do plan to save up for a long arm over the next few months to increase my reachable sewing area. I believe this frame can accommodate up to a 15″ throat which is fine with me.

Photo Source:

Using the Little Gracie II this is what I came up with for the borders.

Much smoother, in my opinion. I had also watched a Craftsy template and a free motion class that helped me plan the layout better by this point.

This is a comparison of the before and after. This is a view from the back.

And from the front. I hope you can see these and the details. On the original photos I took it was quite clear. I hope it is still clear now.

Anyhoo, I plan to watch a show tonight and stitch rip. Mom helped me a little bit today between cuddles with the kids. Then it’s a quick re-sew of the border and the binding. I’m so excited that I am this near the end!! I REALLY want to give it to them all complete when I see them on January 26th. I need to get it done too because I have a bag project I should complete by the end of the month. I also want to post that I have two UFOs complete this month for the 13 in 2013 UFO Challenge that 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks is putting on!

How are your UFOs coming? Are you joining the 13 in 2013 challenge?

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