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#TBT 30 Day Love Challenge

Image Source: Camdiluv on Flickr In February 2011 I wrote about the 30 day love challenge as set out by SITS and Oprah. Since I am focusing on making our home a place where we feel we want to be with my personal Spring Clean initiative, I thought that it’s so good to remember not only to take care of the temple in which we live but also the temple in which we exist. Enjoy the 30 day love challenge as writ in 2011.

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40th Anniversary Canvas Painting Gift

My parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in January. Being a creative type I thought it would be fitting to make them something in celebration. I looked up a lot of ideas but this particular item kept popping up and catching my eye. Credit: Kreations by Marilyn Etsy shop I used this as my inspiration and came up with this… I believe 40 is the ruby anniversary, hence the bold “ruby” font and tree leaves. It feels so good to give from the hand and heart. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! I’m linking at these parties.

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Laser Quest 7th Birthday Party

Happy birthday to my little guy who turns 7 today. He was SO excited for his birthday and we had a week-long countdown until the morning. When they put that much excitement on an event you really hope to make their day special. Not necessarily by spending a lot of money but in creating memories together that they will always treasure. Since Travis is obsessed with hockey and, most recently, in being a goalie, today we started out by gifting him a street hockey goalie set of pads. I think it went over well and he immediately put them on

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Happy 2015!!

Happy new year everyone! 2014 was the launch of the business and I’m happy with the progress of custom projects and quilts I’ve had the joy of long-arm quilting for clients. May your family be filled with love, joy and health this year! Photo Credit: Quotes Hunger

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Escaping Winter

In mid-November we got a lot of snow and cold winds here in south-western Ontario. I personally adore winter weather as I don’t have to go outside if I don’t need to. Definite bonus to having my clients come to me! Interestingly enough, when those cold days arrive I am not wishing to go somewhere warm. Maybe I want the heat in the house a little warmer but I quite enjoy the cool weather. If I had the option to go somewhere warm, however, I believe I would choose an island of some sort (I’m thinking a Caribbean island resort).

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Dear Monday…

I must admit, Mondays are pretty relaxing for me. Weekends are very busy running my children around to hockey, ringette, swimming and errands plus I try to cram in as much quality family time as possible. Monday is my day to clean a bit and get the week back on task. I work from my home as a daycare provider and I really enjoy having my little friends to play with. As they are toddlers and preschoolers, routine for them seems to be more important than with my children who are getting more independent. Do you dread Mondays or are

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Adventures in Falling Asleep

Bedtime has been an adventure for us since I was pregnant with my first child. Many nights when I was trying to get comfortable in the later stages of my pregnancy, my daughter decided she did not like the position I was in and would bang about inside me so hard that the mattress shook until I changed sides. She is now well into being 8 years old and it is still an experience to calm her down for bedtime. We have tried to do the “bath, book and bed” routine but baths seem to wind her (and her 6

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When I was a toddler, I initially learned to speak Italian. My maternal grandparents are Italian and cared for me while my parents worked. When I was two I was admitted to the hospital. Apparently none of the medical staff were able to understand me as I only spoke Italian at that point, so my family immersed me in English. They didn’t keep up my Italian and to this day I regret that they did not. It did make it easier to pick up the required French in our school system but it is definitely not as fluent as I’d

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Prank Calls

My 8 year old daughter drew the phone for this image. How perfect! Before there was caller identification it was pretty harmless to make prank calls. When I was maybe 10 years old or so I remember doing a few random dials and asking “Is your refrigerator running?”. The person would answer “Yes”. Then I would (through muffled giggles) burst out “THEN GO CHASE IT!” and hang up and literally roll on the floor laughing. My favourite call was when I heard the person on the other end start to chuckle as I hung up. It was completely innocent and

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Changing It Up

I’m’ changing things up a bit on the blog. It’s been very difficult to write exciting craft blog posts and actually make my crafts. Going forward, I am going to share links to some amazing craft ideas I find on the internet. The plan is to also sprinkle in post updates for projects to continue to share what is being output from my own crafty hands also. I hope you enjoy the new format!

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