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I love this post from My Simpler Life and so I have recycled this post (with some edits) for both myself and my readers to remember.
Stop what you are doing and listen around you. Is the TV on with no one watching it? Or maybe you are listening to a podcast while you read some blogs?

Does your desk mate have their music on too loud?

Or maybe you hear the whirl of a zillion technologies grooving?

For many people, the first thing they do when they come home is turn on the TV for background noise. When they get into their car it’s time to check the mirrors, check the gas, and turn on the tunes.

Moms with young kids know it’s tough to get any time with quiet.

But, all the extra noise rattles the body, mind and soul. And you can’t hear yourself think. Wouldn’t you like a little quiet?

The quietest time is early morning if you can get up before the family. But since that isn’t always possible, here are some other ideas:

…Can you have a closed door policy for an hour a week either at home or at work, so you get some quiet, thinking, creative time?

…How about not turning on the car radio one day? If no one is in the car, it can be the only quiet time you have all day.

Take a deep breath between tasks. Don’t just rush from task to task. Center yourself. Check to see if you need to do a quick attitude adjustment.

Get out into nature often. The soothing stream, call of birds, and rustling leaves is relaxing and renewing.

Sit under a tree, in a hammock or in your rocking chair. And don’t hop up to do something else.

Turn off the TV, music and clothes washer for a little bit. Instead of TV, you can look at photo albums, watch the backyard squirrels, or scan the stars.

…Find solace in the bathtub.

Do something quiet as a family like reading or doing a craft. They need quiet time, too.

Write your thoughts in a journal to settle your mind.

Go fishing.

Tea time. Quit your work for a few minutes each afternoon and enjoy some tea and cookies or whatever treat you like.

What is your favorite way to have quiet in your day?

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