Baby Proofing and Potty Training

My daughter (2 years old) has figured out almost all of the baby proofing we’ve done in the house. She can take out the socket plastic plugs, undo several of the kitchen cabinet external latches, open the fridge and slyly convince us to open the
pantry (that she has yet to figure out).

Most recently she has mastered opening the toilet lid … with her teeth no less! I am starting to “unofficially/officially” potty train her (as in when it takes it takes, no rush) and when she agrees to go on the potty (her little seat sits on our regular toilet seat) she rushes ahead of me and opens the big lid with her teeth while I get her potty. I’m thinking kids are way too smart these days. Next year when we install parenting controls on the computer and television I’m expecting to have her set it up and explain to us how to use it!

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