Am I The Only One … RANT

Am I the only one in this house who sees the mess and dirt? I feel like I am constantly picking up toys, cleaning the high chairs, gathering laundry, hanging up coats, unloading the dishwasher and cleaning up other random “hot spots” of clutter. How hard is it to carry up a pile of stuff I’ve put on the stairs to go to the appropriate home upstairs when you walk by? I seem to manage with an armload of baby. So I will ask again … am I the only one in this house who sees the mess and dirt? I don’t recall this being in the “female head of the house only” handbook.
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3 thoughts on “Am I The Only One … RANT

  1. I hear ya! You are not the only one! Take heart that you are part of a larger sisterhood, girl.

    And, re: cuss words, I do still use Jakers a lot! 😉 And, I like the suggestion of shitaki mushrooms. Perfect!!

  2. ahh, the peverbial male oblivion – yes, they all do not see the mess unfortunately until it is bigger adn then mine says ‘we should do something about ___’. but really it means i should do something about it, cuz he never initiates doing something about it. *sigh* I just hope he’s willing to do when i deliver the baby! 😛

  3. Trust me,

    Even though I am a man and in a relationship and no kids. I seem to be the one who has to keep everything in order. Then again maybe it is just a matter of finding each other strengths and balances the load of ToDo’s together?

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