Workin Out Wednesday ~ Weight Watchers

Last week was a bust. I did go out to dinner on Saturday night with my husband (an all you can eat Chinese buffet!) and we discussed, after acknowledging the irony of the conversation and location, that I wanted to lose weight.

I was very impressed at his support of what I was needing and he even suggested that I join Weight Watchers again (I am a lifetime member) if I felt I needed to.

This is saying a lot as we are pretty tight $$ wise these days with two young kiddies and me at home.

So, after being pumped up with my hubby’s support I decided to start by trying the Weight Watchers tracking thing on my own. If I feel I am not getting anywhere then I will go to meetings.

My week so far … Sunday I went to the gym (thanks to hubby for helping me get some pump-me-up tunes on my BenQ), I tracked points since Sunday, and I am planning to go to the gym tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Workin Out Wednesday ~ Weight Watchers

  1. Visiting from SITS! I’m working on dropping the pounds, too. The key for ME is to WORK.OUT. I hate it, but it really helps me shed the weight. GL w/ WW!

  2. Stopping by via SITS. Good for you for trying to get in shape. I’m a die-hard Weight Watchers member. The program really does work. Good luck!

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