Weight Watching

How come it is the night that you plan to do all sorts of things that the children decide to stay up until after 9PM?!

At the end of our first week back to our routine, I want to tell you about
what a great two weeks of vacation we had. I got a lot done and really enjoyed just being with my family.

I started out doing really well food-wise and doing the Brazil Butt-Lift exercises (see my post about it here). Then we moved on to our next vacation venue and I was not able to take the DVDs with me. We also ate red meat for dinner almost every night. I’m was shuddering over the scale. It wasn’t as bad as I thought but definitely needs a but of cutting back. I was in full denial until Monday morning. So this past week I set a very nice calorie-wise menu plan and logged all my activity and food. I weighed myself this evening (I forgot this morning) to see how I fared since Monday. I was one pound higher than I was in the morning on Monday. I generally gain three pounds throughout the day so I’m thinking I lost about 1.5 lbs. I’ll double-check that theory tomorrow morning with the scale.

Here are a few things I learned this week.

  • I tend to eat at 1400 calories a day even when attempting 1200. This is why I believe I have been maintaining. I’ll work harder on that next week.
  • I need to increase my water consumption.
  • Exercise does give me more motivation and energy. I didn’t get as much in as I wanted due to an out-of-town guest.
  • When I drink soda (even half of a can of Coke Zero) I get sugar cravings in the afternoon. All week I avoided it and no cravings. Today I thought I’d treat myself at lunch and the afternoon calories were eaten up with sugary treats.

With all of this in mind I’m going to tweak some things next week and see how it goes from there. This weekend we’ll be out of town and, although I’m going to try to watch my food intake, I’m going to take a few days off using my food journal and enjoy myself. I’m going to remember moderation is key.

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