Weight Obsession

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
~ Confucius ~

I started new medication for the post partum depression, which may not be so
post partum any more since the baby is 17 months old next Thursday.

The weight gain is absolutely ridiculous. Especially because I am a very motivated person when I set my mind to something.

I’ve been walking at least once a day through a work-out video with the kids as well as gardening and other active things (which is hard not to do when I have 7 toddlers to handle and entertain).

I sprained my ankle but good this past week and I was only out of commission for one day. I’m not dancing about but I’m walking around.

I am taking a break for a few days from the exercise to let myself heal (no reason to be silly about it) but plan to get back on track this week, if only the walking instead of the Zumba class that I adore at the gym (we dance for an hour and I sweat while envisioning myself in a bathing suit on a warm island beach somewhere).

So what is the plan? I think I’m going to talk to the doctor about weaning off the meds and see how I do without them.

 I’m also going to continue reasonable exercise with my foot injury and chart what I eat on the Canada Food Guide check chart.

That means:
7 servings of Vegetables and Fruit
6 servings of Grain Products
2 servings of Milk and Alternatives
2 servings of Meat and Alternatives

Have you ever had medication effect your weight loss? If so, how did you manage it?

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