Weight Journey – Day 1

On Saturday (yesterday) I was planning to do a detox day where I don’t eat strictly to Dr. Bernstein’s diet requirements but I get the sugars and carbs slowly out of my body, increase water (perhaps only 1 liter if that is all I can get in) and focus on
protein and vegetable rich meals with fruit for snacks.

It didn’t go as planned.

My son had a 7 a.m. hockey practice and my daughter had a ringette tournament, her first game at 9:05 a.m. in an arena 30 minutes from our home. Since this is not our normal routine my sleep all of Friday night was disrupted as I kept waking up throughout the night and was fully awake as of 3 a.m. worried that the dual alarm system would fail.

I had not prepared my food the night before so being half-asleep I forgot to plan a proper breakfast and the day’s lack of planning followed. Here is what the food looked like for the day.

Breakfast ~ protein bar, 2 glasses of water

Snack ~ Tim Horton’s small hot chocolate (it was FREEZING in the arena and I don’t drink coffee) and a caramel apple fritter (I wasn’t sure if I would get lunch. Don’t ask why I didn’t consider a bagel – my brain must have been frozen).

Lunch ~ The tournament provided a pizza party for the children. Thankfully they took pity on us and offered a few small pieces to the parents once the children were done. I chose two small pepperoni squares from the party size pizza. I also had a sip of my daughter’s KoolAid Jammer (yuck but I was really parched).

Snack ~ Hubby and the boy bought Lays Stax chips. I had 6 (so proud that I limited myself to that!). After I ate them I brushed my teeth to avoid other grazing potential.

Dinner ~ 4 chicken strips, Cesar salad, a handful of baked fries, 1/2 glass skim milk

Dessert ~ I had a two small chocolates and a hot chocolate Keurig pod (but I only drank a little over half as it was too sweet)

Although the goal was to stay within 1200 calories and eat healthy choices, I am happy with a few things:

  • I limited (some of) the sweets portion-wise which I would normally have gone crazy for the chips and had more than two small chocolates
  • I stopped when I was full
  • I tracked everything on My Fitness Pal (and was only a little over 1500 calories!)
  • I was honest and wrote a blog post about it
  • I will drink another 2 glasses minimum of water before bed based on this blog
Before we all (meaning me) panic, I am reminding us all of one thing… LOL
Credit: photomeme.com
May Sunday be a new day that brings better choices and that keeps me in the decades of pounds that I am in now!!
What better or healthy choice did you accomplish today?
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