Weight and Craft Challenge Update

I’m doing all I can to stop thinking about and eating when it’s not a meal time. I think when you decide to lose a few pounds and watch what you eat and log
calories that somehow this shifts to your craving part of the brain. It is at least that way with me. How do you keep on track for losing a few pounds?

Today is the last day of May so I wanted to update you on my progress of the Small Projects Sew-Along I’ve been working on. I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made. I do still have a few items to complete but I should be able to do them within the next week. The challenge got me into the sewing mood and got me working on items that had not been front-of-mind.

Here’s how I fared:

  • Shorts for Travis (x5)
  • Shorts or skirts for Ava (x2) ~ 1 complete + not enough material for the second so I’ll need to get creative for the 2nd
  • Dresses for Ava (x2)
  • Capris for Ava (x4) ~ 1 complete + 1 to hem & sew waist (need daughter to measure)
  • Mend plush baby toy
  • Mend winter gloves
  • Mend Travis’s sweater
  • Finish armchair sewing caddy
  • Hem Ava’s pants
  • Use monkey material for Ava (either pajamas or housecoat) 
  • BONUS – Skirt for me (x2
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