Toothless Smiles

It took a long time to start losing teeth but once they started they keep wiggling out! Travis is 6 years old and has lost his third bottom tooth. I was looking through some baby photos and interestingly enough, he’s losing them in the order he got them.

Travis is very different from his sister. Ava wiggles and
plays and sticks her tongue to get that tooth out so that they literally fly out of her mouth across the table when she is talking. Travis has had me pull out two of the three teeth he’s had (the third one an apple got that pleasure). I have a bit of a weak stomach so for me to do this is solid proof I really love this little boy!

The most stressful part of losing teeth in our house is where to put the tooth pillow for the fairy. Traditionally one puts it under their pillow, however, Ava is terrified to wake up and stumble across the fairy (even if it’s under her brother’s pillow). After a lot of discussion we have decided the kitchen counter is the best place for Ms. Fairy to find the tooth.

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