This Mother’s Rant

Why is it that this mother is the only one to pack the car for an outing; or to even determine what the outing will be for that matter while that father gets to get only himself ready and hop in the car only on the road to question if the mother remembered the diapers, extra clothes and sunscreen?

Why does this mother have to put the children to bed the “agreed” way (as in, not on the couch but in their bed) after that father has hyped up those children and then wondered why they aren’t tired?

Why doesn’t that father see this mother’s circle? (It was eloquently described to me that one partner’s perspective is a circle while one is the square. Neither is right or wrong as we each see the world differently. The key to strong communication is to meld the circle and the square when trying to come to understanding the partner’s shape). This is the best image I could come up with to try to visually describe what I mean.

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