The Gifts in My Life

Here is another one from Beth over at My Simpler Life. I’ve obviously customized this to the gifts of my life but I want to credit her with the original inspiration for this post.

Although it isn’t always evident when I get sucked into the dramas of everyday living, I must admit that my life is great. I am writing this list to reflect on when I am having “one of those days”.

I am grateful for …
  1. Two wonderful children who complete my life.
  2. A husband who loves me for who I am even if it is a cranky time of month or a very long pregnancy. We have our squabbles for sure but what couple who has little and inconsistent amounts of sleep doesn’t? I love my husband even if some days I don’t show it enough.
  3. Our house. It is warm in winter, cool in the summer and allows my husband and I to create a loving home for our children. It also patiently stores all of our “stuff” and allows us to personalise it to our tastes when we have the extra money. Thanks house – we are grateful to be able to own you.
  4. My gym membership that has often saved me from going bananas in a house with children who have been touching me all day. I get to go and sweat out those frustrations or read and trot on a treadmill. This year the gym membership is going to whip my butt into shape – I just know it!
  5. My health.
  6. My Women & Money group that meets monthly and Suze Orman. Without these I wouldn’t be on target for reaching mine and our family’s financial goals. Most recently I developed a plan where we will be out of student loan and credit card debt in 5 years and out of mortgage debt 8 years after that. It is so nice to have a “done” date on the not-so-far horizon.
  7. Reconnecting to many old friends through Facebook.
  8. Not having to leave the house for work if I don’t want to. Having my home day care business and the three children I care for both lets us afford to have me home with our kids and lets me indulge in a large family without the added expenses.

I like how Beth put it … I don’t want to spend all of January looking ahead or behind; I want to enjoy what I have at this moment.

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