The Eyes

My eyes are wonky again.

When I was pregnant with Ava in 2006 I had to leave six weeks prior to my
due date because I’d go home and be physically ill after a day on the computer.

My eyes were strained.

That was the longest time waiting for Ava to be born (and then having her 11 days overdue!). Not only was I physically uncomfortable, but I also wasn’t able to read or watch television or do much except for lay on the sofa. What a boring time.

I’m not bored this time around with the lot of kids about but I am starting to have trouble concentrating on the computer and reading and knitting. Luckily I can touch knit and crochet so that is at least something I can do this time around while toddlers swarm around me.

This is just a warning that I might not get on as often as I like to the blog either but I will try my best.

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