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I’ve having a bit of a home debate. So many things I love about the house but, even with a lot of decluttering, it’s feeling small and I’m wanting a change. I’ve never been in the position to choose to move before as outside factors have made the changes for me so this is a new feeling and I’m not sure what is causing it. If it is a matter of simply reorganizing our home and perhaps some new paint in it then I’ll tackle that but I’m not so sure it’s that easy of a fix. Either way (if we move or stay) I will need to do some repainting and cleaning up and finishing baseboard trims, etc. to get it ready to move out and so, with this in mind, I am going to start with painting the main floor 2-piece bathroom this weekend.

Prep is a pest! I was all ready to just paint but then I realized I needed to take fixtures off. Then I’ll have to dust the baseboards with warm water so the dust on it won’t stick to the paint brush. Then I’ll need to decide if I want to tape things off or how I’ll get clean edges. Should I even mention that I haven’t even finalized the colour we want to put in the room? I just want to get the primer up and the holes plugged up and sanded first.

How do you find happiness when your home is not giving you that loving feeling any more? If you have moved before, what were your reasons and how did you go about it? Any advice?

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2 thoughts on “The Bathroom

  1. oh…I feel your pain! We have averaged a move every 2.5 years for the last 10 years…sigh.
    Prep for painting does suck! It almost sucks the life out of the project.
    I also organize a room, and re-organize every few months {it seems} and when I finally get everything in its place…we move again!
    I'm kind of at the reorg place again…I have been going through closets and cabinets. It is a good feeling when it is done!
    Good luck to you! Maybe just get out of the house when it is driving you crazy and grab a starbucks and go window shop at your favorite store…that always puts me in a better frame of mind!

  2. You've been moving for the past 10 years and I've been in one house for the past 8. Hmmm. How come you have moved so much?

    I think tomorrow will be an out of the house day. I finally sat down and sewed some summer clothes and that lifted my spirits. I'm so lucky to have a craft room and I'm focusing on that positive today.

    Thanks for your kind words. I do feel better now.

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