Stomach Flu

There are pros and cons when you have a stomach flu.

Cons: feel gross, can’t move or you’ll be nauseous or throw up, no energy, can’t play with the kids.

Pros: catch up on sleep, lose weight, a good excuse to do nothing.

Of course, these don’t all apply when your children are sick too. Thankfully, I got sick while visiting my parents so they took over caring for them while I slept the weekend away. Not the best visit for them and me but they love the kids and the kids love being with their grandparents. Hubby is at a volleyball tournament. I don’t think he’s completely ammune, however, as he was complaining of a blinding headache last night.

Thanks to my parents for letting me sleep most of this flu off before I have to drive home in time for work tomorrow. Driving in a thunderstorm may take more energy than I have so I’m being sure to rest up as much as possible right now. I could always call in sick for tomorrow if I can’t make it but I do like my own bed best.

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