Snowy Saturday

We woke up to a snow-covered world this Saturday morning in South Western Ontario. It’s beautiful. I love the quiet that snow brings. The clean white fluffiness makes me want to stay in my pajamas and read a book or cuddle with the kids while watching a movie or playing a board game. Today, I may sew. The quiet of snow also makes me want to craft.

What do you like to do when it’s a snowy world outside your window?

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2 thoughts on “Snowy Saturday

  1. Thank you very much for keeping that stuff North of me!! Although we've had more than a few flurries here recently… but only that – mostly above normal temps for us this winter. How weird for a New Yorker, huh? Anyhoot, we usually pop popcorn & make hot cocoa & watch some older movies that we have. Or we make cookies & watch a movie.

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