So, if you have been following my blog, you know that I have made a major dent in de-cluttering the house. We now have the house painted and new carpets (which has made a world of difference in how I view the house, let me tell you!).

So now I need to get into the organizing projects … such as scrap booking our family memories and getting our wedding videos (we had my sister-in-law video tape) organized. Currently the scrap booking is organized in a tote but from there I shudder to open it.

In the meantime, here are some simpler ideas that I think I could manage if I so desired a la Martha Stewart.

Do you scrapbook? How do you organize your projects (and where did you start if you were, say, three years behind with stuff to do)? How often do you scrapbook and how do you fit it into your schedule?

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One thought on “Scrapbooking

  1. I've started to do Digital Scrapbooking and that helps to keep the clutter down and I can work on it anywhere without carting around a ton of scrapbook supplies!

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