Once A Month Mom – May Menu

I am VERY excited about this pre-cooking adventure I am about to embark on. Wish me luck … basically these gals at the website have prepared a FREE monthly menu with FREE recipes, grocery list, labels and instructions for having a once-a-month cooking “party” either by yourself or with another “chef extraordinaire”. This should make managing a household’s famous “what’s for dinner” issue a non-issue because you can just go to the freezer and pull out a pre-made, just warm me up dinner!

Check it out and let me know if you would like to join me (either online or in my kitchen as I’ll need a partner!).

P.S. I was thinking of cooking two recipes a day for one week. Do you think this will work? I doubt I’d be able to do them all in one day – especially with at least two toddlers “helping”.
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