Natural Remedy for Strep Throat

The last few months I’ve had recurring strep throat. I am convinced the last dose of antibiotics (three times ago) didn’t get rid of the virus completely. I was not thrilled at the aspect of more antibiotics as they
gave me a few other unpleasant side effects.

The last time I took Advil with lots of sleep and that seemed to get it to go away on it’s own before a full-blown case.

This time I researched a natural remedy and I found a really interesting “natural antibiotic”. Garlic, raw honey and cayenne pepper.

The honey is soothing and lets the mixture “sit” while it works. The cayenne is supposed to have Vitamin C and increase blood flow to the area so it can heal faster. The garlic is the natural antibiotic. You can read more about it here at Modern Alternative Health. I have no affiliation with this website. I found it by doing a quick Google search.

Of course, all of my strep occurrences have been on the weekend when my doctor’s office is closed and this past long weekend even the grocery stores were closed! I concocted the best I could with what was in my pantry – creamed honey and minced garlic. It tasted vile and burned the first day (1 tsp every hour) but by the next day I did notice an improvement. I had a bit more yesterday and there was no burn and I didn’t mind it that much. It’s working at about the same pace as a synthetic antibiotic and I hope I can nip it for good naturally.

Have you used natural remedies? How did they work and why did you choose an alternative to conventional western medicine?

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