My First Car

When I was in university, I was fortunate enough to have been accepted into the campus that was up the road from our home. Since I was going to live at
home I decided to purchase a car with the money I would save from residence.

I found someone who sold what I was looking for and I drove home with a baby blue 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback. It was so exciting! I arranged to get the windows tinted and got some speakers and a new radio system put in and I was good to go.

Although I was fond of it, I didn’t give it a name. My friends named their cars so I referred to it as “the Smurf” or “Blue-y” but it wasn’t officially named.

My brother called it a “golf cart” and was embarrassed to drive it but I thought it rocked – and the gas mileage was so amazing (very important as a student!).

Although I don’t seem to have a photo of my exact car, this one is similar in colour and tinted windows.

Do you remember your first car? Did you give it a name? Tell me about your first car or what it was like when you learned how to drive.

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