Love Letter to the Anthony Wiggle

Occasionally I find the opportunity to sit down and to the assignments from Mama’s Losin’ It. Today’s challenge is to write a love letter to the object of your affection.

Dear Anthony Wiggle,

My children have made me fans of yours. I watch you over and over again on VHS and DVD. Your singing and quirky ways melt my heart. And the fact that you have made millions in your creation of the Wiggles and other endeavours has nothing to do with it! Your Australian accent is pretty hot too. Now I find out you used to be a Cockroach (rock band) in the 80s and that just makes you that much more fun to watch jumping around in your blue skivvy. It doesn’t hurt that my daughter’s favourite colour is blue just like you. She wears blue every day and I think of you.

Thanks for creating the Wiggles. I will be watching you multiple times a day.

Is it wrong for a Mommy to crush on her kids’ idol?

Crushing Mommy

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