Internet Black Hole

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I sit down at my computer to do specific tasks but when the screen lights up I am somehow mesmerized and forget all those important things I was going to look up or work on. I’ve been getting better at keeping a notepad with a list of what I want to work on but still I get interrupted by someone needing something or by my own train of thoughts sucking me far away inter the internet black hole.

How often do I sit to write a blog but then realize I want to do a quick search to further understand or better explain my article? The next thing I know I have twenty windows tabs opens and am no further ahead on completing my original task. Does this happen to anyone else I wonder?

Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth is a children's book author and designer of knit and crochet character hats under the brand The Ruthless Crafter. In her spare time she loves to read, watch movies, spend time with her family, and swim. She lives a full, happy life in Kitchener, Ontario with her husband and their two children.

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