I’m A Mommy Blogger And Proud Of It!

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I really wanted to attend the Baltimore Bloggy Boot Camp on March 6, 2010 but travel expenses were too hight to justify it right now. Apparently there was a reporter in attendance who came out with an article “Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand“. Mama Kat wrote about it here, which is where I first heard of the article.

As I think about someone judging mommy bloggers for creative freedom, it really bothers me. Who is this reporter? She works and writes for a living – heaven help her if she has or plans on having children and write at the same time … the gods will be damning her to hell if that is the case (or at least mommy bloggers will be!).

How dare one person tell another they cannot have a creative outlet or build a social network of supportive, understanding women finding themselves in often isolated situations. The isolation and poop and not eating what we cook and lack of appreciation are what makes psychos! Writing about it is therapy!

We mommy bloggers are the self-aware of our bunch who can see that feeding our soul will lend our family a mentally and emotionally balanced mommy. I blog after the kids nap or go to bed for the night. I also craft. Gosh! I must be the mom from hell!

I’ve said my piece and am going to hug my kids and read them a book now. Oh, wait! I’m writing this while they are asleep for afternoon nap time.

Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth is a children's book author and designer of knit and crochet character hats under the brand The Ruthless Crafter. In her spare time she loves to read, watch movies, spend time with her family, and swim. She lives a full, happy life in Kitchener, Ontario with her husband and their two children.

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  1. Stopping by from SITS and I totally agree with you!

    Why cant I do more than just "mommy" them. Should I stand guard over them while they sleep? Puhlease! (It's actually worse because the reporter IS a mom, and gasp, also a blogger

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