Getting Ready For Fall

After the last post, and with your encouragement, my butt is a little more in gear this week.

Monday I cleaned all the bathrooms, showers included.

Tuesday I mopped floors and quilted
one-half of the top stitch for Travis’s quilt (my first time, a queen sized one and I double sided-the design to boot!). It’s going rather well and I have to put some love out to my new walking foot. Who knew?! I just have to sit there and the machine does everything for me!

I also went to the gym and read the first chapter of Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.

Oh! And I purchased material for a new queen sized quilt that will be a wedding gift.

Additionally I played with the kiddies all day and took 5 toddlers to swim lessons. No wonder I fell into bed last night!

I must say, since losing weight (8.4 lbs as of last night’s Jenny Craig weigh-in), I’ve generally had much more energy and I am feeling lighter. Literally.

Now it would be great to organize the front hall closet and then wade my way through my daughter’s closet to sort and purge all the clothes she has grown out of. Then I need to take inventory to get clothes and prepare my baby ready for school (sob!).

What are you doing to get ready for the fall?

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