Get The Hell Off Me!

I don’t know what it is that has happened to my metabolism. Since Travis was born two years ago I lost all my baby weight within 8 weeks of his birth (yay me) then gained 25 lbs due to post partum anti-depressants (boo fat-making-drugs). I stopped taking the meds in the spring of 2009 because, as I told my doctor, I’d rather be thin and miserable than fat and miserable. Now the pounds have stuck onto my butt, hips and thighs (in particular) for dear life and I’m getting desperate. After seeing my ballooned up self in last summer’s vacation photos  I have vowed not to look like that this summer (or again, for that matter).

So, I’m challenging myself with a friend, diligently tracking Weight Watchers points, exercising (almost) daily and now I’ve resorted to herbal laxatives (don’t judge me … seriously, don’t). Lord help me, I will be a size six by the time capri season is upon us!!

And the fact that I’ve gained 2 lbs this week because of my period does not a happy camper make.

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One thought on “Get The Hell Off Me!

  1. Good luck on your weight loss journey! Having a friend with you is one of the best things you can do! Being a woman and trying to lose weight stinks!!!

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