Escaping Winter

In mid-November we got a lot of snow and cold winds here in south-western Ontario. I personally adore winter weather as I don’t have to go outside if I don’t need to. Definite bonus to having my clients
come to me!

Interestingly enough, when those cold days arrive I am not wishing to go somewhere warm. Maybe I want the heat in the house a little warmer but I quite enjoy the cool weather.

If I had the option to go somewhere warm, however, I believe I would choose an island of some sort (I’m thinking a Caribbean island resort). I love the and the sand under my toes. I love to have the breeze and warm sun on my face. I also really enjoy being on boats so maybe a cruise ship. Hmmm… now I’m starting to think about escaping. Perhaps this winter will hold some travel plans after all. I’ll keep you updated!

If you could be somewhere warm right now, where would you choose and why?

Photo Source: Beach Bum Paradise

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