Cleaning Undone – An Ava Story

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom during nap time. I did the baseboards, cleaned the window and the screen and of course the sink and toilet. This is probably too much info but it’s pertinent to the story. I used the toilet (just a “number one”) and Ava likes to flush it- I think it’s a part of the potty training theory in her own mind.

No-nap Ava decided that while I was distracted she would lock herself into my now clean bathroom. I noticed how quiet she was so I went to peek and see what the little monster was up to.

“What are you doing, Ava?”

“Cleaning Mommy.”

(In my head I shout) With my URINE?! Gee, thanks.

I was impressed though that I didn’t yell. I didn’t bat an eye before I suggested, very calmly, that she flush the toilet and let me rinse off the rag she was using to “wash” all the surfaces I had just disinfected.

…Later that afternoon our lovely Ava decided to have naked time. When she ran into the bathroom after a while I figured she was going to use the potty. Well she almost had it.

“Mommy I peed!”

I walk in … on the floor?! (again, a big shout inside my head). Again, impressed with my reaction I just stated “Interesting choice not to actually use the potty.” And then I cleaned up her pee puddle.

I think the bathroom is now more disgusting than before I went in to scrub it down. *sigh*
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