New Direction: Blog Update

You may have noticed that the blog has been on pause for a little bit while I determined the direction I wanted it to go. When I started the blog in 2008 after my youngest was born, it was a Mommy Blog and a way for me to have a safe outlet of all things children-related. My interests and topics have grown with me to the crafting projects and more recently to my craft business, The Ruthless Crafter. I tried to merge More Than A Mom with my business blog and, while it worked for a little while, I found

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Our Wedding Collection Is Coming!!

This month we are premiering our Wedding Collection! The line is full of modern and traditional quilted pieces that embody the love of friendship and family that work with any budget. Stay tuned for more details. Can’t wait? Get exclusive updates on this exciting line by joining our newsletter! >> Yes, Sign Me Up!! <<

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eCommerce Is Inspiring & Stretching Me

Image Source It’s hard to be a creative eCommerce business entrepreneur! Not only do you need to create but you also need to learn about how to have an online presence to let people know that you have made items and have them available to sell! What has been keeping me so busy?In my research to become a savvy ePreneur (is that an official term? it should be!) I have spend the past few weeks learning a ton about social media and eCommerce. I’ve been getting my online shop ready for holiday sales and I’ve been creating an Autumn AND a

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My Guest Speaker Gig

I recently discovered podcasts. I love how you can search for any topic and find a plethora of shows. When I first started I discovered “Canadian Quilt Talk”. Brandy Lynn has a way of asking just the question that I’m thinking as the guest is discussing their expertise. “Canadian Quilt Talk is a weekly online podcast that aims to inspire quilters and fibre artists alike with tips, tricks and the latest products.” (source) It is with great pleasure that today I am the guest speaker on Brandy Lynn’s show, discussing tips for quilters who are considering taking their quilt top

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5 Ways to Quilt Using the Colour Marsala

On December 10 I first wrote about the 2015 colour of the year as chosen by Pantone – Marsala. Craftsy did a blog article about how to use this colour and I really like their thoughts. Check out the blog post here. Credit: Craftsy blog

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2015 Official Colour of the Year

Marsala has been chosen for the colour of 2015. Photo Credit: The Inspired Wren blog Interested in using it in your home? Check out Houzz’s ideas here.  I personally prefer it either in natural light or a slightly darker hue. I think I prefer the crafting option for using it. Here, The Inspired Wren looks at some sewing examples with the colour. There are definitely a lot of options to have it as a focal point (e.g. a cardigan) or a highlight (e.g. flowers in a white dress). Beautiful! What do you think of Marsala? How would or will you use it?

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Crafting with Buttons

I do not own a lot of buttons but I am drawn to buttons when they are used in embroidery or other art projects. Check out these adorable ideas from the Craftsy blog. Do you craft with buttons? I’d love to get some more ideas to try!

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Back to Routine

As we start our second week of school and the routine I crave I must admit I do miss the children.  However, I do relish the routine.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like the freedom and being together (all day every day) of the summer but it’s hard to keep things fresh for 8-9 weeks! That’s a lot of pressure on a parent. It’s nice when they are little and go wherever you want to go or have input into the schedule but once they get old enough to not like any ideas or, worse, shrug indifference at your

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The past two weeks we enjoyed a family vacation. The first week we spent it at my parent’s cottage and the second week we enjoyed my in-laws. As the children grow so quickly and we all have busy schedules during the school year, it is nice to slow down, unwind and catch up with family. I was very ambitious in the crochet projects I packed but I did successfully get the following worked on: Monster University’s Mikey Crochet Along   I wrote about Mikey on my craft blog, The Ruthless Crafter if you want to see where I got the

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