Spring Cleaning Party

Spring Cleaning Party 2009 ~ Day 1

The first day’s task is a “clean sweep.” The goal is to quickly sweep through your home, throw away trash, and toss items you no longer need or want into a box for later. And that’s basically it – a project that should only take about two hours max (more or less, depending on the size of your home).

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Spring Cleaning Party 2009

I’m joining the Spring Cleaning Party over at Simple Mom. From May 4 to 15, Simple Mom will be writing her spring cleaning process, one room at a time. I’m looking forward to someone else doing the “thinking” part and me just having to “do” and partayyy! I’ll let you know how it all goes. Here’s the Spring Cleaning Party schedule:Monday, May 4 – a clean sweepTuesday, May 5 – the living room, part oneWednesday, May 6 – the living room, part twoThursday, May 7 – the kitchen, part oneFriday, May 8 – the kitchen, part twoMonday, May 11 –

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