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NaBloPoMo: Last Meal

If you knew that whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?  I think that if I knew I was having a last meal I would forgo it altogether. I don’t think I would have an appetite if I knew I was meeting my maker immediately after it. The advice presented in the cartoon is also a good strategy.

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NaBloPoMo: Music and Writing

I’m a little behind in the prompts but I’m going to start today to catch up. Thursday’s NaBloPoMo prompt: Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today? If I am writing something profound I prefer either quiet or classical music. Since I have young children, however, it is fairly easy for me to write while they are playing in the same room as I am (and not always quietly). These writings do require a good proof-read afterwards just to make sure. Today I listened to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)“. When my

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Homework and the Kindergartener

My daughter is in junior kindergarten. She just turned 5 this month. She has full-day school Tuesday and Thursdays with the occasional Fridays. The teacher has assigned homework since this schedule is consistently inconsistent. I don’t know how the other parents fare but it is a struggle for us to get it done with her on a weekly basis. It seems a little much also as it is 3 full pages of the letter of the week and colouring. Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I agree to colour one picture while she colours in the other six. It’s so boring sitting

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Happy 5th Birthday, Ava

Happy birthday to my dear little girl. Today we took you on our first adventure to Chuck E Cheeses. It was endearing to watch you and your little brother race from game to game to ride. I love how you learned (too quickly) the hand motion for us to give you another token so you could start your own ride (“I can do it myself!). When asked what you wanted for your birthday, you requested “a new bed, a new skirt, and pyjamas – from the store, not made by mommy”. Let me tell you, kiddo, you are never too old

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My “Other” Husband

Last night I had a dream. I’ve been considering it all day. Dreams like that are neat. I dreamed I was not with my husband, Scott (the dream didn’t tell me if I was widowed or what the case was but I had been married to him at one point). I was married to a millionaire sports player. This man took care of my two children as though they were his own. We shared a personal trainer and worked out together. We enjoyed friendships with other sports players and their beautiful wives. My health was never better as I was supported and

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30 Day Love Challenge

Image Source: Camdiluv on Flickr The gals at SITS have created a wonderful way to celebrate the entire month of February with their 30-Day Love Challenge (although aren’t there only 28 days in February??). Anyway, if you want to join me, they are breaking out the month by weeks and these weeks will have themes.Week 1: February 7 – 11We will concentrate on ourselves. Oprah has spent years encouraging women to take time for themselves and darn it, it’s about time we did. If pampering yourself just a little each day will bring you to a place that will allow

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We are so fortunate to have a pond in behind our house. In the winter it makes for an instant skating rink. I love looking out on snowy days and seeing it teeming with families and friends having a great time together.  This past weekend we went out and purchased skates for our kids so we can join in the fun. We bought strap-on-the-boot ones for Travis and grow-with-me ones for Ava. I’m especially pleased that she is at the first size so it can grow another 4 sizes with her foot AND she chose the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear

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The Santa Train

This year I could not find a reasonably priced or conveniently dated breakfast with Santa. Then the Santa Claus Express was discovered.  We traveled in a restored 1920s coach over the rails of a century-old branch line while enjoying the sights and sounds of the vintage locomotive. The return trip was just under an hour and Santa made his way through the train with his elves to sit and visit with the travelers. It was the only time this season that we had Travis get near him. Santa was wonderful – he engaged him by asking him to show his teeth and

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Family Photos

We visited Sears Portrait Studio a few weeks ago to get a family photo taken for our holiday cards (I can’t believe I almost forgot to book our family photos!). I am thrilled with the results and am pleased to send these out with our 2010 Christmas cards.

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Halloween Trick or Treating

This year is a great year for holidays. The children are old enough to appreciate them and participate. I also have been organized and have prepared for them so that I am not stressed. To celebrate Halloween there were a few days of interest I’d like to share with you.  The boys (Travis is in the middle, C is on the right) and I walked Ava to the bus stop. She was to dress up for her junior kindergarten’s Halloween party (she’s Cinderella if you can’t tell from the bit of dress peeking out from under her coat). As

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