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Dark and Stormy

Thank goodness for the SITS girls and their November writing prompts. They are helping me to get more creative in my posting subjects. My pick for today is “what do you like to do on a dark and stormy day?“. On dark and rain stormy days (usually the warmer months) I love to sit and watch the storms. A nap goes along nicely or and afternoon movie. In the winter months I love to quilt (lots of lights turned on to brighten up my studio and my mood). I also enjoy lighting candles and doing a quiet craft while watching

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My First Car

When I was in university, I was fortunate enough to have been accepted into the campus that was up the road from our home. Since I was going to live at home I decided to purchase a car with the money I would save from residence. I found someone who sold what I was looking for and I drove home with a baby blue 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback. It was so exciting! I arranged to get the windows tinted and got some speakers and a new radio system put in and I was good to go. Although I was fond

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Why Is The Ice Rink So Cold?

We put it off for as long as possible but it is now official – we are now a hockey family. Our 6 year old son is in his first hockey league! Travis has loved the idea of hockey for many years. In January 2011 we decided that, since he did not know how to skate well yet, we would sign him up for ball hockey. I took him to purchase his equipment at the Play It Again Sports store and he was so excited he walked around all day with his helmet on his head. He even cuddled the

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Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was lovely to have the children around to celebrate with me. The best part of being “Mom” for a birthday is having the family take me out for dinner. I still choose a family-friendly place but I just love spending the time with my husband and children. They are getting to an age where it is pleasant to take them out and they don’t tear around the place while waiting for our meals. We have real conversations and they have a lot to say about what is going on in their little worlds. It’s a

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Toothless Smiles

It took a long time to start losing teeth but once they started they keep wiggling out! Travis is 6 years old and has lost his third bottom tooth. I was looking through some baby photos and interestingly enough, he’s losing them in the order he got them. Travis is very different from his sister. Ava wiggles and plays and sticks her tongue to get that tooth out so that they literally fly out of her mouth across the table when she is talking. Travis has had me pull out two of the three teeth he’s had (the third one

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Welcome to your Regularly Scheduled Program

Last week I announced that I am starting a new business venture, The Ruthless Crafter(see the announcement post here). While I am excited to move forward on this new venture, I spent a lot of time weighing the benefits of keeping More Than A Mom alive. After all, I have been writing on it since April 2008!! So, after much debate, I have decided to continue with this blog. It has such a special place in my heart as it has seen my children grow up – and they still have a lot of growing to do! I will aim

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Hi! Welcome to the new blog for The Ruthless Crafter. I’ll try to keep this updated as often as possible to show you the snazzy creations I’ve been working on. I always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so please feel free to leave comments or to just say hello! Elizabeth

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No Ruined Breakfast Bars Here, Please!

My little guy (3 years old) is making me laugh today. I just wonder where kids come up with this stuff. T: Can I have a breakfast bar?Me: Sure, here you go.T: This is a RUINED one that A tried to give me a few days ago! (It had a crunched top from where my daughter did her best to open the package for him).Me: Doh! For the record, it was only yesterday and was wrapped up waiting for him to forget about it. Why are 3 year olds so smart? I thought I had a bit more time to work around his

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NaBloPoMo: Home

When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes?  Growing up my mother stayed home and my father worked long hours. I believe that the area in which we grew up had many families who were similar in this regard. In terms of every day living, I think it was visiting my friend’s home who had a single mother raising her that I realized that not all families were the same. They lived in a basement apartment whereas we had a house. I had two brothers and two parents. Her mother ended

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NaBloPoMo: Trauma

Today’s prompt has been inspired by the novel The Doctor and the Diva. Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular event. For inspiration, I checked out the definition of traumatic (love Google!). Emotionally disturbing or distressing. Relating to or causing psychological trauma. The most recent traumatic event I had was having one of my daycare children (age 2) require me to perform CPR on him. Thank goodness my mother was visiting so I wasn’t alone! We were playing in the backyard (“C” and my two children who were then ages 2 and 3) when

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