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The Daily Plate

My sister-in-law, Caralin, and I have decided to join forces to lose weight together. We signed up at The Daily Plate to keep up on track both personally and to keep tabs on each other. I hope this is motivation enough to get these sneaky pounds off the backside, thighs and tummmy. I also love that you can type in a food and it calculates the calories for you. Thinking and calculating hurts my brain and always hinders my progress.

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Weight Struggles

I think I had mentioned I had lost all of the baby weight from Travis within 2 months after his birth. Now on medication I feel I have packed on a few pounds that I want to lose but don’t have the energy to come up with a plan. I keep trying to get to the gym but it just isn’t happening; with a kid I care for getting picked up at 6PM, then dinner and baths, I’m exhausted by the time I am potentially able to go. And then when I have a little bit of energy I have

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Being Mindful

I love this post from My Simpler Life and so I have recycled this post (with some edits) for both myself and my readers to remember.~Stop what you are doing and listen around you. Is the TV on with no one watching it? Or maybe you are listening to a podcast while you read some blogs? Does your desk mate have their music on too loud? Or maybe you hear the whirl of a zillion technologies grooving? For many people, the first thing they do when they come home is turn on the TV for background noise. When they get

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I was going to write every day this month. So far I’m a little off course but I’ll try to get back on it. I have about 10 pounds that were gone after the baby was born earlier this year but has crept back on due to medication – I believe. I have been going to the gym fairly regularly the last few weeks and have noticed some inches are reducing but the scale isn’t budging – except for “up” (sigh). So I went to my friendly neighbourhood Shoppers Drug Mart and purchased some Slimfast shakes and muffin bars plus

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Organic Food – Oprah Article Summary

Reading Oprah’s website, I liked what her expert Sophie Uliano had to say about organic food. “Organic means that it’s grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides. It’s not genetically modified; it’s not irradiated,” Sophie says. “Organic farming protects the planet, so it’s a win-win. It’s healthier for us, and it’s healthier for the planet.” Families with young children consume a lot of baby food, so Sophie suggests starting there. “I am recommending organic baby food because babies are much more vulnerable to the effects of pesticides, and there’s a lot of pesticide residue on all food,” Sophie says.

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