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Goal Setting 2016: Tools to Keep It Fun

What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t KnowI’m am the creative entrepreneur behind theruthlesscrafter.etsy.com, where I sell memory quilts, baby quilts, and t-shirt quilts. When I first opened my shop in 2014, I had no plan, no goals, no idea what I was doing! I basically made an item, took a quick photo of it with my phone, and listed it to sell, waiting to see if it might sell. This was my first year and, as you can imagine, it wasn’t very successful. It wasn’t until the next year that I decided I wanted my hobby to grow into a

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Creative Entrepreneur 2016 Goal Planning

I am a creative entrepreneur. I make special occasion custom quilts. Today I would like to share an invaluable tool I use to create my business and personal annual goals and plans. I am very good and planning – it is so easy to come up with numbers and plans out of the air but how do you qualify them and track them? That has been my downfall to date. This year I feel fortunate that I stumbled across this incredible planning tool created by Lisa Jacobs called “Your Best Year, 2016” (or #yby2016). If you are a creative entrepreneur

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goal planning

My Personal History with Goal Planning

I have had a creative Etsy business since November 2014. In the beginning, I did what I like to call “hope marketing.” I crocheted a hat, put it on my Etsy shop and I hoped it would sell. That’s called “hope marketing.” I sold a few things but it wasn’t until August 2015 that I decided to take it seriously. Since I didn’t know where to start, I joined a group on Facebook called “Flourish”. It’s an exclusive Facebook group for paid members of the Joyful Entrepreneur community. I really learned a lot. For instance, I learned that you actually

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