The True Story of Advent

Sweeter Than Sweets has a fantastic idea to share the true story of advent with your children. Basically, you set up drawers, envelopes, etc. with numbers 1-25. You collect a specific list of items and read daily Bible passages that illustrate the story and how the object is significant in the advent story. Genius! Printouts and a full list are available at the Sweeter Than Sweets advent story link. Credit: Sweeter than Sweets blog

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Friday Night Sew-In (Follow Up)

Today I feel motivated again. Friday Night’s Sew In inspired me to continue working away at the king-sized quilt with 2″x2″ finished squares top. I’ve worked on it Friday, Saturday and now today (Sunday). This is a labour of love but sometimes it feels mostly like a labour. It’s going to be beautiful when it’s done and I can hardly wait to show you. I would take photos today but a) it’s a Christmas gift and I want it to be a surprise and b) I’m taking enough of a chance typing out this update post (I just got busted

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Christmas Spending

While reading Liz’s blog, Wonder Woman I’m Not, the first sentence of her post Cutting Back on Christmas Spending struck a chord. She writes, “the approaching Christmas season is enough to strike fear in the hearts of anyone struggling with money.” Even when our pay checks our fatter, we have a large amount of people we buy gifts for (my husband is one of six plus partners/spouses, parents and a niece and nephew. Then there’s my side with 3 grandparents, my parents, a brother. Teachers, bus driver, extra-curricular teachers/instructors. Daycare charges). Although I set a tight budget for each person,

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Friday Night Sew-In

Tonight is Friday night sew-in! It’s an opportunity to sew and work on some of my Christmas gifts. They had a fabulous tip … cut all your fabrics BEFORE tonight so you can just sew, sew, sew. Guess what I’ll be doing today? SO excited!! Will you be joining us?

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Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box

Each year I encourage our family support at least one other child or family in our gift giving tradition. I especially like the Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box program. We can choose the gender and general age of the child we are going to pack gifts for. My children include pictures they have drawn and it really gets us into the spirit of the season. If you want to support this amazing program, learn more about it and how to pack a shoe box. Note: Many locations will want them filled and returned between November 14-21st to ensure it gets shipped

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Christmas Catalogs and Wish Lists

Clean Mama has a fantastic idea for holiday catalogs. She organizes them in a basket along with paper so the kids can peruse gift ideas and create their wish lists. Brilliant! My two are 3 and 5 years old this year so it’s starting to get time for them to practice writing out what they would like. How do you make your wish lists?

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Christmas Gifts Reveal

I’ve been a busy crafter. I have been cranking out the Christmas gifts too. I want to have a bit of a show-and-tell. You can find all these patterns for FREE on Ravelry. One Row Handspun Scarf (knit) Lacey Crochet Scarf Pattern Tea Wrap / Sea Shell Wrap (crochet) South Bay Shawlette (crochet using mohair yarn) Tea Wrap / Sea Shell Wrap (crochet)

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Cut Down Christmas by 80%

I love reading tips from I’m an Organizing Junkie. This one struck with me to cut down your Christmas tasks by 80%. After all, 80% of your family’s Christmas enjoyment probably comes from 20% of your efforts. Read more about the tips and rationale here at her blog. I’ve also been inspired. Today I’m going to get through some Christmas presents I am planning to make. I’m also going to organize gifts and perhaps wrap what I have already. I also have plans to wrap both of my children 12 gifts each for building up anticipation for the big day

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Christmas Project Fail or Surprising Success?

I got into a panicked funk right before Christmas about pajamas for the kids that I was trying to sew. I even wrote about it, considering it a Christmas project fail. I started knitting a scarf this week and am definitely feeling more enthusiastic for crafting at a slower pace again. Sometimes the Christmas deadline is too overwhelming when trying to get everything else done. Now, because the big day is over, I’m going to finish those pjs with enthusiasm! The kids aren’t going to care if it’s a few days after Christmas that they receive them. They might not even

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The Santa Train

This year I could not find a reasonably priced or conveniently dated breakfast with Santa. Then the Santa Claus Express was discovered.  We traveled in a restored 1920s coach over the rails of a century-old branch line while enjoying the sights and sounds of the vintage locomotive. The return trip was just under an hour and Santa made his way through the train with his elves to sit and visit with the travelers. It was the only time this season that we had Travis get near him. Santa was wonderful – he engaged him by asking him to show his teeth and

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