Crochet Dog Stocking

I made this dog stocking as a gift to my brother’s dog. The bone may be my favourite part! Click here to get the free pattern by Red Heart.

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Dog Paws Crochet Stocking ~ FREE Pattern

I found this adorable idea to make for my brother, his fiancé and their family dog – a Christmas stocking for doggy Dakota that we can fill for her gift. Here is the FREE pattern from Red Heart if you want to make one also.

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Christmas Tree Crochet Hat

I had a friend ask me to make her this hat for her tacky Christmas party. She loved it so much she passed on my information and I was able to make a second one for her friend! It is essentially the same but the yellow is a little paler since I didn’t have enough of this colour left. I forgot to take a photo of it before I delivered it to her (duh!). Also, since this photo we added yellow pipe cleaner to the star to make it stand upright on it’s own. I purchased this pattern from Crochet

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Christmas Countdown Planner

I got a burst of holiday spirit today and decided to get my Christmas Notebook organized. I follow the 100 Days Til Christmas prompts to keep me motivated and on track for savouring the holiday season instead of worrying that I’m missing something and ending up doing it at the last minute. I try to keep my Notebook simplified so it is small enough to grab if I am going shopping. I have the following contained in it: Calendar with tasks sorted by week List of Christmas Gifts to make (I update the status weekly) Budget and Gift Idea list

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UFO #6 Complete

I am making great progress on the UFO 13 in 2013 challenge. I just completed UFO #6 which was to piece the top of Christmas table runner for SIL #4. I thought this would be a funky version for her and her hubby. This makes my sixth UFO for the year and fourth Christmas table runner.

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Crochet Tacky Christmas Sweater

My friend asked me to make her a tacky Christmas sweater. I made the sweater part and her idea is to add buttons to make a moveable nativity scene on it. Mid-way I asked her to try it on so I could determine the length. The photo with my friend shows it before it is finished. It will actually go to about where the white shirt ends length-wise. We also decided to keep it short sleeved since it’s a warm acrylic and since it’s crochet I recommend she wear a shirt beneath it. Here is the finished version at the proper

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UFO #5 Complete

I finished piecing another Christmas table runner top as part of the 13 in 2013 UFO Challenge. This makes my fifth UFO for the year and third Christmas table runner.

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Making Room for Christmas

It was wonderful to have a week off and then a few days with the children before school started. It’s great to have them home but routine is nice also. Yesterday we took down the Christmas tree and most of the decorations around the house. We were able to declutter the decorations a bit but still somehow managed to need to add a bin of decorations. How did that happen? (Oh wait! It’s from my parents throwing stuff our way as they downsized!! At least they passed on nice items and I could get rid of some of our more

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So Close…

Why is it that when you have a deadline for a project and you work and work and work every spare minute on it and are on track for achieving that deadline that you hit snags. Does the universe pull together to stop you from succeeding? I was “THIS” close to finishing the Christmas Beast king-sized quilt for my parents to give before Christmas day (the 23rd). Picture this, Friday December 21st and I’m on the third border (of four in case you needed clarification) and it’s all going smoothly. Christmas music is turned up and I’m really in the groove of

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Christmas Fabrics

My mother-in-law and I have started an annual tradition of going to the fabric store a few days after Christmas to stock up on holiday fabrics while it is all on clearance. This year I decided that I am going to make Christmas table runners for the female relatives for next Christmas. I have a whole year to work on them and I would like to plan to complete them while I’m still in the Christmas spirit and while there is snow on the ground. My first purchase was for eight Christmas gifts (see picture on left, below). Then my mother-in-law reminded

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