The Yucky’s

The kids are rotating fevers and feeling yucky, thus forcing me to cuddle on the couch with them and leave my computer alone. I’m starting to feel a little yucky myself. But I have gotten 3 out of the 4 bathrooms scrubbed and purged of crap … wait until you see the before and afters … you’ll be so impressed. This all happened before the yucky’s joined us. I’ll try to write something riveting later this week.

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Ava’s Second Language

It’s afternoon nap time and I’m trying to get rest. Ava (4 years old) does not nap so she is “resting” but talking a mile a minute … for the whole two hours I have been trying to get rid of the throbbing in my head. Finally I convince her to get a snack. She does. I go downstairs later to see two packages of snacks. “Ava, I said you could only have one.” As she’s walking across the room and avoiding eye contact with me, “Oh. I told you …” … wait for it … … “in Spanish.” We

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Circle Meat

Our kids visit my parents frequently. While visiting the last time, we get a phone call from Ava (4 years old). “Hello?” “I need circle meat, Mommy. Don’t forget the circle meat when you come to pick us up today.” Funny thing is, hubby was shopping the night before and I told him not to bother buying it because it’s too much processed food for them (they eat eat the full package at once). This time he’s lucky he didn’t listen to me – but only this time … We arrive at my parents and before even a hello, she

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Project Ava ~ Must Sleep By Herself

A bit of history on our night-time ordeals… the kid is 4 years old and still crawls into bed with us before midnight. We only have a queen sized bed and it gets small fast – especially as she is getting bigger and even more of a bed hog than when she was little! Ava’s sleep (or lack of) has been an ongoing issue since she was a baby. When she was 2 years old I wrote a post about deciding to give in and that it was nice snuggle time to get her to sleep. She was in her

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Blogging Goals

I had big plans for blogging this year. And then the 3 year old decided she needed to blog and check her emails when Mommy did. I get pushed out of the way for her blank Word documents to type and her Dora games. Sigh. It’s a miracle when I get to eat my own breakfast and even actually check my emails. Anyone else in the same boat? Thank goodness for the scheduled posts option or I’d never get anything written!

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My Princess and Prince

Being Halloween and all, I thought that I would post pictures of my kiddies playing dress up. We got a fantastic princess treasure dress-up box from our neighbour and all the kids love to dress up. I won’t tell the boys that it’s princess dresses … I just tell them they are princes or sultans. And yes, they are wearing skirts as head dresses. Here is my ballerina on her first day of dance class and my bruiser ~ the kid seems to always have some sort of lump or bump or black eye on his face. That’s what happens

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Halloween Stories for the Kids

To get you into the Halloween spirit, check out these fun stories. Thanks to Picture Book of the Day you can get daily updates on cool books to check out with some activities to do with the kids after reading them.

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