C25K – Week 2 Update

I mentioned last week that I joined the Couch to 5km Challenge.  The first week was great and I learned not to run two days in a row as my body needs the day off to heal. I even lost
1.5 lbs for my efforts and had a lot of energy.

The second week just finished. I ran day one (w2d1). The rest of the week didn’t exactly fall into place how I had planned. Hubby was home with the flu, the kids had skating and swimming lessons start up so that took out two evenings that otherwise had me at the gym, I caught the energy sapping bits of the flu but not full-on (thankfully!) and basically I had a blip in my motivation. I even had a little bit of indulgance with the cookies. I think because I wasn’t exercising I got that constant “hunger” feeling even though it’s not hunger. You know? So I upped my water to try to get some of the carbs out. Ugh.

I weighed myself today to see if I could still damage control before Wednesday’s weigh-in and I am down about a half-pound from last week. If I get back on track I could lose a little bit more too. What also helped me to get into a better mindset was thinking that if I were to only lose one pound per weigh-in then I’d be down 8 pounds over the 8-week challenge. That spells motivation to me! So I think I’m back on track, if only in my head.

Today I’m going to go to the gym. I’m not sure if I’ll run but at the very least I’ll do some exercise on the elliptical machine and go through the circuit. I like to reward myself with the stretching machine and the massage chairs – ooh! they are just heaven and my focus throughout the workout.

I’m not disliking the running at least. I can’t tell if I like it yet or not. What I am looking forward from the running is the increase in calories out. I have met up with friends who took up running and they dropped weight like crazy. I’m hoping that will happen to me and so, if that does happen, I LOVE running! I really like the c25k approach of easing into it. So far I’m able to run the times without much difficulty. We’ll see when it starts getting me to run for longer at a time though.

So, this week’s plan is to get back on track with the C25K running program. I may have to run today and that would mean I would just need to sneak in one more week 2 before I start week 3. Or perhaps I just skip the third week 2 day and go right into week 3? I’m not sure but I’ll figure something out. I also want to do some sort of 30 minute exercise for each Monday through Friday day this week. Perhaps I’ll even go completely crazy and make a menu plan to follow also.

What are your fitness goals for the week? Should I skip the w2d3 workout and just jump to w3d1?

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2 thoughts on “C25K – Week 2 Update

  1. I am right there with you! Because of the kid's schedules, I only got in 1 day of running last week. I am going to w3d1, in hopes I can do that, since I have been running (off and on) for several years. Good luck!! I love reading your blog, helps me stay motivated!

  2. Good thing you have some experience behind you so you can jump in wherever you can. I'm glad you find the blog motivating – I must admit, writing it helps to motivate me also. Do you have a blog? Thanks for sharing your comment love.

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