Bed Skirt Fix

Bed skirts are wonderful for finishing a bed and hiding what’s underneath it. We had this eyelet bed skirt in our 5 year old son’s room. It was starting to take a beating from jumping on the
bed (no, we don’t allow it!) and little kid rough housing. It’s ripped and it constantly shifted and looked, well, like this most of the time no matter how much I straightened or mended it.

I finally got smart and used a fitted sheet on the box spring. I was hanging on to this sheet because it had a tear on the top and I didn’t know what to do with it – then inspiration struck.

I love how it still looks tidy but won’t shift when there is illegal jumping on the bed!

I also finished pillow shams to go with the quilt I made for him in 2010 (only 3 years later!!). I’ll photo that soon.

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