30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Days 5-9

I have some catch up to do. With the Easter long weekend and a lot of visiting I wasn’t on the computer much. Today the kids and I are home. Between cleaning the house I’m catching up on posts and blog reading. It’s a nice balance.

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Day 5:  Michele tells us to “make peace with the idea that you are going to become a regular exerciser.” I do have a gym membership. When I have workout buddies I tend to be more accountable than now where I am in between buddies. I keep writing suggestions to the gym to have a board for people who want to sign up for a buddy but they don’t seem to be taking that suggestion seriously. I still push on though. Here’s to a lifetime of exercise and perhaps more enjoyment from it as time goes on.

Day 6: Today we are working to “make drinking water easy and habitual.”

Day 7:  “Look for smart ways you can eat fewer calories without feeling deprived.”

Day 8: “There’s only one solution to staying slim and staying sane: If you love it, eat it sometimes.” (we’re talking junk food and sometimes foods here).

Day 9: “If you don’t love it, eat it never… Save yourself for the good stuff.”

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