30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Day 10

Click here to see Day 10 full challenge.

Michele says, “Today we want to get rid of foods that remind you of old habits and sabotage your new eating program. Make a list of foods you need to clean out of your life so you can stick to your diet actions.”

Apart from the kid’s Easter treats our food supply is pretty good for keeping me on track. How is your supply?

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4 thoughts on “30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Day 10

  1. I LOVE your picture!! It's adorable, funny, creative, EVERYTHING all in one picture.

    I'm down to my last 7 lbs to reach my weight loss goal, but it's slow moving…

  2. Thank goodness for kids and a home daycare. They love it and with so many children to share it with they get portion controlled treats while I get it consumed other than by myself!

  3. I keep thinking of updating the blog and changing the photo but it seems nothing I find will replace it adequately.

    Good for you for being close to your goal. What program are you following or what are you doing to succeed?

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